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“Miranda Jung has extensive knowledge and experience in helping me bought two houses successfully. She helped me visited at least 30+ places before I got my property.   She is very patience and detail to analysis all good and bad of each property. She knows the neighborhood very well in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, and San Jose.   When I pick a particular home, she will tell you which area to hanging out. She will just take me there and treat me the best food we can find in each area. If you are looking into good school, she can help you find out the boundaries and check out how each area varies among the boundaries. She also knows a lot about banks and loans. If you are running close in affordability, she might be able to find some banks or loan agents to help you.”

Herb, San Jose

"Miranda is a very dedicated and proactive agent and she is very knowledgeable about the south bay neighborhood. We knew her through a close friend's referral and she has been helping us to find out what we really want during the first year before we made any offer. Finally, when we got serious about making offers, we worked with her for 6 offers in a row and at the end we got our first home in a very difficult market.  We appreciated her tireless dedication in helping us close a deal and going the extra mile with the seller's agent to gain an edge in our buying process, and all the extra follow-up with us after the close."

Mr Ng, Cupertino